About Us


Purple background swith calla lilies
Mission Statement
Alpha Pi Phi lavalier with pearls in the background

The purpose of Alpha Pi Phi is to promote sisterhood through love, loyalty, and friendship;


To foster confidence in young women and to aid in the development of their leadership skills;

To encourage members to conduct themselves with grace, dignity, and moral integrity;

To cultivate academic excellence and nurture generosity through active philanthropy for the betterment of the community.

Founding Date: February 26, 2009


External Motto: Love, Loyalty and Friendship


Philanthropy: Alzheimer's Society


Colours: Black and Purple


Jewels: Amethyst and Pearl


Flower: Calla Lily


Mascot: Black Swan


Nicknames: Apple Pies, APPs



Golden Cygnet pin
A Golden Cygnet, symbolizing the growth and transformation which occurs during the pledging period. 
A gold, greek "Phi" symbol studded with pearls around the exterior, and amethysts down the middle. The "Alpha" and "Pi" symbols are etched in gold on the inner left side, opposite a golden swan on the right side, over a black background.
Active member pin

"In January of 2009, six young women in their second year of studies at Carleton University, came together with the purpose of creating a new women's organization on campus; Paz Arias, Lauren Crosby, Jessica Doyle, Heather McBride, Lesley Walker and myself, Laura Kell. 


After much thought and deliberation, we, the founding mothers of what would eventually become Alpha Pi Phi, had finally come to the conclusion that there was a need for a new society on campus - a place where young women, such as ourselves, could unite with one and another, bound together by our shared qualities, virtues and, of course, friendship. 


Thus, we began meeting weekly and began establishing a sisterhood, founded upon the principles of Love, Loyalty, and Friendship. Soon after, on February 26th, Alpha Pi Phi Sorority was officially born."


- Laura Kell, Founding Mother 

Founding mothers