Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Rush and how does it work?

    • Rush can be more easily known as recruitment. Alpha Pi Phi holds two recruitment periods every school year, one in early September during the fall semester and one in early January during the Spring semester. These two recruitment periods are known as "Fall Rush" and "Spring Rush." During rush, ladies who are interested in joining Alpha Pi Phi will attend several events hosted by the sorority, such as sisterhoods, socials, and philanthropies. We encourage those who are interested in joining to attend as many events as possible, not only for those individuals to get to know us, but for the ladies of Alpha Pi Phi to get to know you! After the open rush period is over, there is a preference party held which is invitation only. The Preference party is the last event during the recruitment period, and after that, bids are handed out as an official invitation to join our sorority.

  • How will I know when and where events are held?

    • All event times and dates can be easily accessed from our Facebook Rush Group and reminders will also be posted there prior to each event. There will also be posts indicating meeting areas (such as the AQ, convocation mall, or cornerstone) before certain events where a designated sister will greet you and bring you to the event location.

  • Is there a cost to rush for Alpha Pi Phi?

    • No, there is no cost to Potential New Members for rushing.

  • Is there a cost to be in/join Alpha Pi Phi?

    • Much like any extra-curricular activity, Alpha Pi Phi collects annual or monthly dues that every member must pay in order to be in good standing with the chapter. However, during recruitment, there will be no fees to pay. We will provide a breakdown of our dues to those who are interested at meet and greet events. The breakdown will explain where our dues are going and how they are distributed throughout the year.

  • What does Alpha Pi Phi look for in a Potential Sister?

    • Alpha Pi Phi has no specific checklist when it comes to choosing our sisters. We are a sorority that consists of diversity among our members. We are quite simply a group of young women who share a strong bond of love, loyalty, and friendship. We do not discriminate against any person on the basis of colour, physical appearance, social status, family background, race, age, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status; however, sorority recruitment is for those who self-identify as female only.

  • What is the New Member Process?

    • Our new membership process involves a variety of activities (New Membership Tasks or New Membership Education) designed to create a stronger bond among the New Members. During this time, you will be learning the history of Alpha Pi Phi, traditions, as well as how we operate our organization. These activities are fun and helpful to the New Members, making their adjustment to Greek Life more comfortable.

  • What is hazing?

    • Alpha Pi Phi has a strict anti-hazing policy. We define activities of hazing as any mental or physical requirement, request, or obligation placed upon any person that could be harmful to the person, is personally degrading to the individual involved, or violates any federal, provincial, or municipal laws or University policy. Hazing does not make someone "worthy" of joining an organization and we do not engage in this practice. ​ We will never force potential new members to do anything that they do not want to do. Any reports of a sister hazing a potential new member are taken very seriously. The Sisterhood of Alpha Pi Phi is one of lifelong support and encouragement, one for the other, pursued through a bond of love, loyalty and friendship. These values are in no way promoted by hazing in any form. Our full anti-hazing policy can be found here.