President's Message


"On behalf of the sisters of Alpha Pi Phi, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read a little more about this organization.

There is something so utterly empowering about walking into a room of like-minded women who are all unique in their own fields but share a common desire to evoke change in the world, excel in their academic fields and engage in their community and their campus. To those who have not yet been able to experience this feeling, I strongly urge you to find that driving passion that motivates you to change the world; in my case, it is this sorority.

Personally, joining Alpha Pi Phi has been one of the greatest highlights of my undergraduate career. The confidence and leadership skills that I have learned have awarded me the trust of my fellow sisters and the skills necessary to lead the chapter, skills which I would not have been able to gain without my time in Alpha Pi Phi. For any of those who are considering undergoing our recruitment process, I actively encourage you to do so because what you are able to gain here is impossible to find anywhere else..

In Alpha Pi Phi, we wish to foster women who are not only hardworking and diligent but are also humble and respectful towards others; women whom you can approach for either a serious or a heartwarming conversation; women whom you can be yourself with, without fear of judgment. There's no point in a hierarchy when all we all want, at the end of the day, is some love and support.

I want to end this message by thanking those that came before me for everything they have accomplished to allow this sorority to be the fantastic group it currently is. I'd also like to mention to all of my sisters that I am truly honoured to lead such a diverse and intelligent group of strong women whom I guarantee will help change the world.

And withenough dedication, you too can become a part of this life long sisterhood that extends far beyond just your university career!"


Kind regards,

Margarita Rodriguez Simon

President of Alpha Pi Phi - Eta Chapter